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UPDATE: Biden Administration to Extend Schengen Travel Restrictions, NIE Requirement for Europeans

The Biden Administration announced that it will extend the current travel restrictions on Europeans within the Schengen Zone, based on advice from its medical team.

This announcement comes after the Trump Administration released an Executive Order on January 18, stating the administration's plan to remove the current travel restrictions for Europeans on January 26, 2021.

The current travel restrictions prohibit individuals who have been within the Schengen Zone for the previous 14 days from entering the United States. There are exceptions in place for certain individuals, including the spouses and children of US citizens and US permanent residents.

Individuals whose travel would also be in the US national interest are also eligible to apply for a National Interest Exception - also known as a NIE - with their local US consulate. NIE applications are available for students, investors, academics, public health or medical professionals or business travelers whose travel will have a direct economic impact in the US, or those working in the medical field. In addition, some travelers with urgent or emergency travel needs can qualify.

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