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Traveling for the holidays? Immigration reminders for US visa holders

The holiday season is a busy time for international travel. If you are a US visa holder, keep these reminders in mind for a smooth and stress-free reentry to the US after the holidays.

To pack

  • Passport with valid visa stamp in your visa classification, valid for at least six months after your planned entry date

  • I-797 Approval Notice, if available

  • Copy of your approved petition

  • Valid advance parole document, if applicable

When returning to the US

  • Be prepared for more thorough screening at the airport or Port of Entry, including possible secondary inspection

After returning to the US

  • Provide Adomat Immigration with your new I-94 card, so we may review whether it was correctly issued. More and more, we are seeing CBP officers incorrectly issue Forms I-94. If your I-94 is reviewed shortly after arrival, it is easier to correct possible errors.

  • Provide Adomat Immigration with your entry stamp for review

Please note that you should NOT travel internationally if:

  • You have a change of status petition pending. If you travel, this will be deemed abandoned and you will need to obtain a visa stamp at a US consulate abroad and reenter the US in order to "activate" this status.

  • You have an Adjustment of Status (I-485) pending but have not yet received your Advance Parole. If you travel, your Adjustment of Status will be deemed abandoned.

If you have any questions regarding your upcoming international travel plans, please feel free to contact Ayla Adomat at

Wishing you a happy holiday season and safe travels!

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