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Adomat Immigration Lobbies Capitol Hill for Immigration Reform

Adomat Immigration lobbied Capitol Hill alongside other immigration attorneys for meaningful immigration reform as part of the American Immigration Lawyers Association's 2020 National Day of Action.

We met with the offices of Senator Mark Warner (Virginia - Democrat), Congressman Bobby Scott (Virginia - Democrat) and Congressman Donald Beyer (Virginia - Democrat).

We advocated for the following immigration policy changes:

  • Update Our Legal Immigration System: Immigration is vital to the United States and its economy. USCIS must resolve the tremendous backlogs facing our country so that petitions and applicants can be processed more quickly and more smoothly, which will benefit US individuals, communities and companies.

  • Reunite Families: USCIS must support family-based immigration, which drives business creation, promotes integration and strengthens US communities. As a country, we value family unity and these values must be reflected in our immigration system.

  • Legalize Unauthorized Immigrants, Dreamers and TPS Recipients: Americans support legalizing the status of unauthorized immigrants. We urged Congress to provide a venue for these individuals to obtain legal permanent residence in the US.

  • Remove the Invisible Wall: USCIS has adopted policies that delay immigration processing and prevent vast numbers of qualified individuals from obtaining US green cards and visas. This "invisible ball" must be removed, so qualified applicants can have their petitions processed effectively and can enter the US.

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